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Sipping Lemonade While I Succeed

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Choose the Right SSL Action

"Life gives you two choices: suck sour lemons or sip sweet lemonade."​ - Brittany J. P. Reese, Founder of Busy Mom Boss

Life happens and there's nothing we can do about it. It is true that life gives you lemons. However, I've learned that when life gives you lemons, you must do two things, accept them and transform them. You have to take both actions, and you have to complete them in that order. Accepting the lemons is just not enough. By nature, lemons are sour and very hard to palate by themselves. However, when you transform those lemons by adding them to water, sprinkling them with sugar, or simply mixing them with other fruits, you have taken something bitter and unpalatable and made it delicious and appealing.

As I become more deliberate with and conscious of which SSL (suck sour lemons or sip sweet lemonade) action I choose, I want to be able to do two very important things. First, I want to create a way to hold myself accountable. Second, by sharing my truths, I want to help others entrepreneurs choose the right SSL action too, specifically, mompreneurs (busy mom bosses). This leads me to a new category in my blog which will be labeled SSL.

The Purge Process

"Times of transition are strenuous, but I love them. They are an opportunity to purge, rethink priorities, and be intentional about new habits. We can make our new normal any way we want." - Kristin Armstrong, most decorated female cyclist in U.S. history

June 2017 declared its own word of the month. It was my month to purge, and I did just that in more ways than I ever expected. I purged of old things that I was storing in my house that I had not used or seen in years. I purged by moving to a new house and accepting the challenge of making it into our home. I even purged professionally by resigning from a business that I had helped build from the ground up. I had to honestly admit to myself I no longer was able to dedicate the amount of time needed for the success of the business. Although having to purge my life of all of these things brought about a multitude of emotions, I can say that I now feel so light and so free. Growth cannot take place without change. And with change, there has to be a purge process. After you purge, then you are able to start at the beginning of a new chapter.

New Beginnings

Beginning in July, I will choose an action word for the month. Every day, every week, all that month, I will embody that word. At the beginning of the following month, I will provide my results. I'm challenging all my busy mom bosses to join in and do the same. In this community, we win together, we support each other and we sip sweet lemonade. The only time we take an "L" is when we choose to give up, when we choose to not grow, when we choose to not try, and when we choose to suck sour lemons.

I'm sitting here waiting on July like hey girl hey, excited for what this new chapter has in store. July's word of the month is MONETIZE! I'm looking over all the websites, blogs, social media platforms, and email lists I own. My plan is to monetize all of the ones that do not currently have a revenue source and then evaluate and optimize the ones that do. So let's raise our glasses of lemonade to new beginnings as we intentionally and deliberately craft our success together.

What are your plans for July?

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