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July in Review Pt. 1

Action Word of the Month: Monetize

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July’s word of the month was Monetize. During the 31 days of the month, I wanted to monetize everything I was associated with, every website, every social media account, every blog post, etc. I wanted to make more money than I did in June by putting my products and services on the proverbial silver platter and serving them up to my target audience. Long story short, I exceeded my goal for the month! (Yay! Insert happy dance!) My SSL of choice in the month of July was Sip Sweet Lemonade! Here’s my report from July. Let’s start with the wins!

“She believed she could, so she did.” - R.S. Grey​

  • Faith - Having faith and trusting that God has a plan for you are both a part of my everyday life. However, praying and meditating before I make a decision is where I lack. In July, I made a conscious effort to pray first, meditate second and take action last. The rest of this praise report will show what greatness was reaped from the seeds that were sown.
  • Affirmations - There’s power in your words and in your thoughts. I had to change my mindset and believe in myself. Sometimes I have the fear of being unworthy or out of my league when it comes to certain business ventures, which is crazy because I’m well versed, educated, and experienced. I know my business. I have helped others many times before. My knowledge and experience have been proven time and time again and most time proceeds me. So I had to denounce the old mindset and adopt a new one that affirmed all the things that I know I am and I know I can be. And that is exactly what I did.
  • Profit - My goal was to increase my profits by $500. By the end of July, I made $799 more than I did in June. Although that doesn’t sound like a lot of money to some, to me that is an amazing feat. This accomplishment provides confirmation that I have products and services that people want. It shows me that if I make a few purposeful and deliberate changes, I can profit. It also shows me that I listen to the right podcasts and follow the right influencers (LOL).

  • Sales - I sold my first digital product. Selling digital products is an area in which I want to excel. It is my goal to have a large catalog of digital products that sell. So to actually sell a digital product that I just launched is exciting, ground breaking (for me), and motivating. Then after the first sale, I made 7 more! (Insert happy dance #2!)

  • Clients - For my services, I gained 2 new clients. Providing quality services is something on which I pride myself. Because services can be time-consuming, they are high ticket items.The problem, sometimes, can be getting your service in front of the right customer who trusts you and wants to spend money on what you offer. To be able to welcome 2 new clients to my roster was definitely a win.

  • Coupons - I saved over $600! Monetizing for me doesn’t just mean making money, it means making money work for me in the best way possible. A few years ago, I learned how to coupon and was couponing for a while. If you don’t coupon and you buy groceries, you are robbing yourself! When you see how much you can save on the things you buy all the time, it is a game changer. I re-strategized so that it wouldn’t be so daunting and overwhelming. Then I used technology to help me find the deals. I planned the days I would go shopping, took my coupons, knew what items I needed to purchase and just like that I have toilet tissue stocked for 3 months (purchased for $3 or less), a year’s worth of toothpaste (most of which was free or less than $1), all 3 of my kids’ school supplies (most of which were free or less than $1), 3 months of frozen vegetables for less than ($1), 3 months of snacks (all of which were under $1), and the biggest win of all, 30 bottles of Tide laundry detergent ($0.95 each). There’s more, but those were my biggest wins.

  • Time - Using some of the strategies I learned from the podcasts, webinars and the influencers I follow, I was able to have more time for my family and friends. This couldn’t have come at a better time because my grandmother took ill and my children were on summer break. So I had daily shifts at the hospital and children to entertain in addition to running my empire and my household. We were able to go a family trip with the children, I was able to spend quality time with and help my grandmother, and my business has not lacked. In fact, I had major gains in the month of July.

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