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7 Reasons Why Being a Mom Makes You a Great Entrepreneur


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Moms Leverage Skill Sets to Fuel Businesses

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The stay-at-home mom has a different image today than that of the June Cleaver and Carol Brady era. Like the moms of the past, today’s moms are also jacks-of-all-trades. Moms of today, however, have taken it one step further by capitalizing on those trades. They are ever working on their next big business, giving a totally different meaning to stay-at-home-moms. Over the years, stay-at-home moms have evolved into entrepreneur powerhouses, mompreneurs for short. More and more moms are taking a leap of faith, quitting their jobs, and starting businesses of their own. In fact Margaret Steen of Yahoo! Hot Jobs quoted a Harris Survey. In her article, The Rise of Mom Entrepreneurs, Steen states “57% of women have started their own business” or it has crossed their minds.

To some, 57% may be a shocking number, but not to me. It only makes sense for Mompreneurs to leverage their mastered skill sets to fuel a business. Their invaluable skills are pertinent to starting and operating a business. And these skills all correlate to motherhood.

Business Skills Sharpened by Motherhood

Here are 10 skills sharpened by motherhood that also produce great entrepreneurs:

  • Moms are innate nurturers. Starting a business from the ground up requires a great deal of nurturing. Each step of the growth process requires patience and meticulous care, like that of raising a child. As your child grows, you adjust the amount of care and the type of attention you give your child. Your business will require the same attention and adjustments as it grows.

  • Moms are extremely resourceful. More often than not, a new entrepreneur starts with a limited budget. Thus, the ability to uncover frugal and creative ways to obtain the things needed to run and operate is key. Being a mom means you’re well rehearsed in the area of resourcefulness. You have little people with little patience and little compassion depending on you. You are able to turn food into entertainment, make dolls out of old rags and feed a family a feast on a tight budget. Quick thinking and creative solutions are areas in which you shine.

  • Moms are master multitaskers. If nothing else, moms are innate multitaskers. If you are a mom and struggle with multitasking, then you more than likely aren’t able to get much done. Moms will cook dinner, help children with homework, soothe a crying baby, and answer the phone all at the same time. In similar fashion, entrepreneurs are also pulled in different directions. You’re going to have to wrangle marketing, operations, sales, customer service, and quality assurance all at the same time. Entrepreneurs who haven’t mastered this skill will become overwhelmed quickly.

  • Moms are professional negotiators. Negotiation is big in business. You will negotiate deals with contractors, contracts with clients, and prices of services with consultants. You must master the art of negotiation if you want to accomplish your goals. Moms have mastered this art form. Children are relentless negotiators also. It takes a negotiator just as relentless to talk them down.

  • Moms live, breath and eat strategy and implementation. Even something as simple as preparing dinner has a strategy/implementation process. To save time, a mom may devise a strategy to prepare dinner efficiently. This strategy may be to prepare all the meats and more complicated dinner items at the beginning of the week.  This leaves only side dishes to be made during the week.  Mom then implements the dinner strategy to test its success. If that plan doesn’t work, mom revisits, revises and then retries it until she has found a viable solution. There is a great deal of strategy and implementation that has to be done when you start a business. You must acknowledge what works and what doesn’t. If it doesn’t work, like mom, you must revisit, revise, and retry until a successful solution is found.
  • Moms are forever delegating. Moms delegate by making chore lists, by leaving honey-do lists, by leaving sticky notes and by making good old fashioned commands. Delegation seems to come second nature to moms. She is one person and cannot do everything on her own. The same way mom realizes this, so should an entrepreneur. You must identify things that are outside of your wheelhouse and be willing to delegate. Delegation is how you are able to get those things done that you may have no clue how to do or you may have no time to do.

To Sum It All Up

Motherhood truly helps develop and grow many profitable skill sets. There’s no surprise the moms of today are leveraging these skills to capitalize on the things they do best. If you are a mom who has thought about starting a business but you weren’t sure you were able to, then start today. Start now. You have invaluable skills that will help you soar.

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